Consultancy and Project Management

Consultancy and Project Management

Once a business and marketing audit  has been conducted, there may be a number of areas that require project management in order to support your business objectives.

With over twenty year’s experience in the industry. I aim to successfully and efficiently initiate, plan, execute and manage new initiatives within a business.

These include:-

I can also provide cost-effective procurement expertise to your business when you need it. I aim work with you to understand your procurement needs, help build and deliver a plan to successfully meet them.

No two projects are ever the same and each one needs a bespoke approach. As part of my project management service, I will meet with you, understand what you are looking to achieve and then give you a strategy to ensure you reach your goals. 

To find out more about how I maybe able help with your project management needs, please get in touch.

Other Services

Business and marketing audit

Understanding what it is that clients are wanting to achieve is key to developing a marketing and business development strategy.

Connecting people

Using my strong network across the UK, Europe and the North America.

I can help connect you with people – both in the life sciences sector and beyond – who can truly add value to your business.

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