About Lucy

I started working from the day I left school at sixteen and I have not stopped since!

In the initial stages of my career, I spent three and a half years working in a Doctor’s Surgery with 12 doctors and 16,000 patients. Where I was expertly mentored and gained an abundance of experience in, and knowledge of, the British primary care system and its medical terminology.

It was during this time that I also earned my Higher National Certificate in Business Management.

I then spent two and a half years in the Local Research Ethics Committee for the NHS in Manchester, adding clinical trials expertise to my repertoire – this knowledge is something I still pass on to clients today.

I also have significant insight into the business side of Global Pharmaceutical and Research and Development pipeline, having spent four and a half years working at AstraZeneca at Alderley Park, UK. This fantastic opportunity provided me with the chance to be mentored once again in my career, this time within the corporate business sphere.

With several year’s experience in business development under my belt, I launched LucyJRobertshaw in 2012, and have spent the last nine years providing International Business Development consultancy services to an expansive range of clients.

About LucyJRobertshaw

Based within the Stockholm area, Sweden, LucyJRobertshaw specialises in providing consultancy services to businesses within the Anglo Nordic Life Sciences sectors.

Through my deep understanding of the challenges within the sector, I bring an honest, straight-talking, and resolute approach to business development.

Working with British and Scandinavian businesses, I use my personal and professional relationships with key players across Europe and North America to connect my clients with the right people and expand internationally.

Check out my services to find out more about how I can help your business develop more!

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Address: AL 31, 153 92 Hölö, Sweden.

Phone: +46 (0)706280230

Email:  info@lucyjrobertshaw.com