Connecting people

Connecting people

Using my strong network across the UK, Europe and Northern America. I aim to help connect you with people – both in the life sciences sector and beyond – who can truly add value to your business.

My expertise includes matchmaking for export opportunities and talent spotting for investment. As an writer of the International Pharmaceutical Industry (IPI) Journal, I am immersed in the market and maintain high visibility at important industry events. 

A key element of my consultancy service is helping you to carve out and maintain your position and profile in the market, looking closely at the messages you and your business are putting out there. What value these messages provide and helping to identify any improvements that may be needed.

What is often not recognised is that many investors seek to invest in a team, as opposed to a product or service. This is why it’s essential to look at a company’s advisory board. If you are seeking a new board member, I intend to help connect you with the right person, who in turn can help attract potential investors.

Whether it’s getting a team to work together or working as a part of the team myself, I aim to go out of my way to forge valuable connections with people and build lasting relationships.

I enjoy working closely with my clients to support, coach and mentor them through the day-to-day challenges they may face.

Mentoring can have an enormous impact on a person’s professional life – something I know first-hand. Having been expertly guided by exceptional mentors throughout my career.

I take enormous pride in being able to pass the knowledge, experience and advice I have learned over the years onto others now.

For more information about how I could help connect you with the right people, or for further information about my coaching and mentoring services, please get in touch.

Other Services

Business and Marketing Audit

Understanding what it is that clients are wanting to achieve is key to developing a marketing and business development strategy.

Consultancy and Project Management

With over twenty years’ experience in the industry.

I can successfully and efficiently initiate, plan, execute and manage new initiatives within a business.

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